The Top 6 Advantages of Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl Fence Gate

While the decision to have a fence installed is easy, choosing which material is best for your home can seem challenging. Here are some reasons why vinyl fencing could be the perfect match for you.

Easy Maintenance

Upkeep for vinyl fencing could not be any easier! Vinyl fences are very low maintenance, and rarely require servicing after initial installation. Unlike other fencing materials, you never have to worry about splintering wood, rusty metal, painting, priming or staining. To clean your vinyl fence, all you need is a hose for when it occasionally gets dirty.


Vinyl fences are much stronger than wood, and are not subject to deterioration from harmful pests that wood fences sometimes face. Vinyl holds up better in places with a large variance in weather patterns, can withstand strong wind and rain, and generally hold up well in storms. These fences do not expand or contract in extreme temperatures, which preserves the integrity of the fence. It you are located along the shore, vinyl fences are a great option as salt water will not break down or rot the material. Here at Reliable Fence, our vinyl PCV fences are warranted against chipping, peeling, or discoloring for 20 years.


In the long run, vinyl is one of the most cost-efficient fence materials available. Installation is low-cost, and while vinyl could have higher initial material costs, they incur less upkeep and will save you money over time. Vinyl fences also last longer and require less frequent replacement as compared to other materials.


Transform your backyard into a private oasis with vinyl fencing. One of the vinyl options are Privacy panels, which are solid fence panels that eliminate any space between individual posts. This offers complete privacy, and allows you to enjoy your yard as an intimate setting.


Vinyl fences come in a variety of different styles that can accommodate you and your home’s unique preferences. Available options include Picket, Privacy, Ornamental, and Post & Rail. Here at Reliable Garden, we offer PCV in white, beige, and grey, varying at four, five, and six feet in height. Vinyl offers design flexibility to select the perfect combination for your fence.

Added Value

Not all fences will increase the marketability of your home. Homebuyers typically look for aesthetically pleasing, well maintained, and low maintenance fences. In particular, fences are in popular demand with dog owners and families with children, who may be reluctant to purchase a home without an existing fence. A vinyl fence can increase the desirability of your home, as they are beautiful and long-lasting.

At Reliable Fence, we have the industry best vinyl fencing installers on Long Island, and have been providing vinyl fence supplies and installation services since 1952. Our fences are Eastern Illusions brand, and quality 100% virgin vinyl PVC, manufactured here on Long Island. Fencing your property on your own can be stressful and time-consuming, however, we at Reliable Fence are experts in this process. Our experienced and professional staff would be happy to provide affordable vinyl fence installation services. Contact Reliable Fence, A Long Island Fence company, to get the best quality fencing for your yard today.